Dear Pipestone Lake Lodge Guests, Customers and Friends,

We are so sad and sorry to inform you that our beloved Pipestone Lake Lodge was destroyed by a huge forest fire in the early morning hours of Tuesday, August 29th. We are devastated. For all of you who shared our love for Pipestone Lake you know that it was a place of peace and solitude and great beauty.

The main lodge was completely destroyed as well as the shop with all the tools and equipment needed to run the lodge.

We will be working very hard on starting up an outpost camp on Reilly Lake about 20 miles west of Reindeer Lake for the 2018 season. It is a very similar lake to Pipestone with all three main species of fish in it. An added bonus to fishing Reilly Lake is going down the river across from the lodge into one of Reindeer Lakes bays for more fishing and adventure. We hope you would consider supporting us at Reilly Lake Camp next season or in the future.

Thank you so much for all the good times, support and friendship at Pipestone Lake.

Below is a link to our lodge on Reindeer Lake

Welcome to the home of a great fly-in fishing adventure in remote northern Saskatchewan
Welcome to the home of a great fly-in fishing adventure in remote northern Saskatchewan
Canadian fly in fishing lodges

Some of Northern Saskatchewan's best fishing lakes

Pipestone Lake

Pipestone Lake is located in a very remote area of Northern Saskatchewan at 57º 55’ and 106º 30’, which puts it approximately 30 Miles north of big Cree Lake. This is about 200 miles northeast of Fort McMurray Alberta or 400 miles straight north of Saskatoon Saskatchewan. The only way in or out is by floatplane or helicopter. Pipestone has several large arms, coves and islands, which is very advantageous for fishing in windy weather. No one has ever lost a day’s fishing because of rough weather. Pipestone Lake has some of the best fishing in Saskatchewan for all three main species of fish, Northern Pike, Walleye, and Lake Trout.

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Granbois Lake

Granbois Lake is also part of our operation. It is only a mile west of Pipestone lake and can be reached on foot from the west end of Pipestone in an easy 35 minute walk. When you arrive at the lake, all the equipment needed is waiting for you to hook the abundance of monster Pike that live in these waters. Granbois Lake provides some excellent monster Pike fishing for the Pipestone Lodge Adventurer.

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Sunset at Pipestone Lake Fishing Lodge Saskatchewan

Pipestone Lake Lodge